Inevitable Journey

Pengembaraan Yang Membawa Kita Ke Tempat Yang Baru
Dan Yang Akan Membawa Kita Pulang

Sep 7, 2009

I ♥ You PD

The last time I went to Pord Dickson approximately 5 months before.
Been missing you!!!
Wah. So miss it!!!

There's the nearest calmest place for me to relax.
The best view for serenity.
The best place for friends.
The best place for camping.
and more crucial is...
The Memories.

It is batu 4.
My place, the pangkalan nelayan batu 4.

I wish to go there once this month with them,
or someone that I wish to be with.

The landscape. The natural environment.

The panoramic view.

The white and clear sand.

The ancient.

The trees.

The only one special island.

The inspire live.

and next,
The always clear sun and sea.


Fazira Aziz said...

caiitt... ini amel kena dera amek gambo ko pit...

caPik said...

heeee. haha.
lbeh kurg gk la.
xpe, mngajar dia ok.